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Frank Cahill - Senior Consultant

Frank Cahill has had over 25 years experience working with organizations to improve the quality of their leaders and the performance of their teams. Frank is a registered psychologist who holds a BA (psychology), a graduate diploma in applied psychology and a professional doctorate degree in counseling psychology. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), the college of counseling psychologist and a member of the college of clinical psychologists.

Frank's doctoral thesis explored the relationship between personal values, workplace experiences and organizational commitment. His research showed that an employee's emotional commitment towards his or her organization is strongly influenced by the quality of the relationships with both work colleagues and his or her direct manager. This research has highlighted the important role that ongoing training in emotional intelligence for both employees and leaders has in building commitment to the organization.

Frank's research with Intégro has also identified the importance that trust plays in building a workplace where employees are motivated to operate at their best. His research has shown that when employees experience high levels of trust within their workplace they are more self-directed, self-motivated and more engaged in what their organization is trying to achieve than those who perceive their organization to be less trustworthy.

As a senior Intégro consultant Frank has specialized in developing and delivering leadership processes for Australian organizations. In working with leaders and their teams, Frank draws on his research and extensive experience to build strong leadership, effective teams and engaged workplaces.

Frank's experience has extended into such industries as hospitality, manufacturing, finance, commonwealth government, technology and aviation.

Frank's current clients include Melbourne Water, Catholic Church Insurances, Kraft Foods, Victoria University, Sensis, Ausco, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Jetstar, Bupa, VMIA and TAC.

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