Meet the Team

Keith Ayers – CEO

Keith Ayers is the Founder of Intégro Leadership Institute, author of Engagement is Not Enough: You Need Passionate Employees to Achieve Your Dream (Elevate, July 2008), and one of the world’s most respected experts on the topics of employee engagement, leadership effectiveness and workplace trust. (more)

Frank Cahill – Senior Consultant

Frank Cahill has had over 25 years experience working with organizations to improve the quality of their leaders and the performance of their teams. Frank is a registered psychologist who holds a BA (psychology), a graduate diploma in applied psychology and a professional doctorate degree in counselling psychology. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), the college of counseling psychologist and a member of the college of clinical psychologists. (more)

Geri Pihl - Client Services & Office Manager

Geri has over 30 years of professional experience and has been with Intégro since 2002. Prior to joining Intégro, Geri worked with the Australian Quality Council. She is an expert in the “EPIC” online account management system and leads Intégro’s customer service, team support and online product logistics functions.


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