Our History

Our History

Intégro Australia was founded in May 1976 as the licensed distributor for Intégro International Inc, a Minneapolis-based training consulting company. Keith Ayers joined the company one year later. 

From 1976 to 1985, Intégro had three core training programs: Perceptive Selling, Perceptive Management and Team Building. All three had as their foundation Intégro's proprietary trust model: the Elements of Trust™. This model has come to define Intégro's uniqueness, making our programs more impactful, and motivating training and development consultants around the world to join Intégro's network of associates.

In May 1985, Intégro became the exclusive distributor for Inscape Publishing, Inc (then Carlson Learning Company) in Australia and New Zealand and began accreditations, and distributing DiSC products throughout the region.

In 1996 we began to develop our Leadership Development Process and Senior Team Alignment Process in response to customer demand for comprehensive, long-term engagements. Our experience with clients had been that short-term events, especially in leadership and team development, had little to no impact on behavioral change, and as such, were a strain on both time and financial resources.

Since 2009, Intégro has been revamping each training program, conducting further research on trust and workplace behavior, and adding innovative consulting packages to meet a variety of client objectives.


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