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Keith Ayers and the Intégro team began the Trust Inside campaign in March 2009 with the launch of Keith Ayers blog.

Trust is essential for business success. People don’t work for organizations they don’t trust, at least not over the long term. People don’t buy from companies or people they don’t trust. And yet what we have seen is organizations and business leaders destroying trust—internally and externally.

It is now more important than ever to build trust at all levels of the organization. At Intégro we see this as being essential for any organization looking to strengthen relationships with existing customers and to attract new customers.

Our blog is not only a vehicle for Keith’s personal take on leadership and management. It is also a forum for discussion, debate and ideas on how we can build trust in the workplace. So we want to hear your stories and experiences. What organizations do you believe have “trust inside”? Why do you trust certain companies over others? Have you ever had a high-trust relationship with a boss or manager? What difference did this make to you and your work?

Drawing on decades of Intégro research and analysis, we have also developed a range of “trust inside” surveys and assessments, so you can measure the degree of trust in your organization, in addition to other key metrics like employee passion, team alignment, and interpersonal flexibility.

We encourage you to post comments, challenge Keith’s points of view, get in touch with us and join the debate!


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