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Keith Ayers' presentations will challenge you to recognise the impact leadership behavior has on the bottom line of your organization.

Keith encourages leaders to look in the mirror at their own behavior and be honest with themselves about the impact they are having on employee engagement, commitment and productivity. Control-based, micro-managing leaders kill passion, engagement and innovation. The more controlling an organization's leaders, the more difficult it is for the organization to react quickly to a changing marketplace, to be innovative and to build an engaged, committed workforce.

Keith's most requested speaking topics are:

Bridging The Employee Passion Deficit

Engaging Leadership

The "Trust Inside" Organization

Keith is a regular contributor to industry conferences in Australia, the United States and around the world. In addition, he regularly addresses senior leadership teams on issues of management, employee engagement, and workplace trust.

To enquire about bringing Keith to your organization or event, please contact us.


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